by Dr. Gregory Bartha

November 12, 2021

Here are pictures of two children suffering from cancer. The were initially seen and evaluated at the Cross Clinic then referred to the cancer center in Kampala. Both have been operated.

Suzan is 8 years old and presented with a bulging left eye. Scans revealed a tumor behind the eye pushing it forward. The tumor was successfully removed, but there is still prominence of the eye. There are changes in the structure of the skull which will require additional surgery to correct. The most common eye tumor in children is called retinoblastoma. The prognosis is good with over 90% 5 year survival. Surgery is the basic treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy can be useful in difficult cases.

The other child Alupo Gracious is 2 years old. She had a tumor called ependymoma at the base of the brain. It was compressing her cerebellum and blocking drainage of fluid from around the brain. The surgery was difficult. She is going to be left with some neurological damage. The prognosis for this type of tumor is about 80% 5year survival. In this case the location of the tumor will result in a poorer outcome.

We have seen a number of children with cancer at the Cross Clinic. The most common types of malignancies we have seen are lymphoma, cancer of the kidney and liver, and tumors of the bone (osteogenic sarcoma). The prognosis for these tumors is generally good, much better than the results of the most common adult cancers such as lung, breast, colon, and pancreas.

Some generous people in Midland have contributed to a fund which will help pay for treatment of these children with cancer. The Cross Clinic hopes to continue to assist in the care and treatment of these children. Each one is deserving of our best efforts.

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