by Dr. Gregory Bartha

June 20, 2018

The Sequoia National Park was created in 1890. Its size was tripled a week later, and General Grant National Park was created to protect the Grant Grove. In 1940, the General Grant Park merged with King’s Canyon National Park, which contains many of the tallest Redwood trees. In 1978, Mineral King was added. John Muir fully explored the Grant Forest and pioneered the north face ascent on Mount Whitney.

Abraham Lincoln signed the document making Yosemite a protected area in 1865.

Tall Redwoods:
Height to 379 feet
Age to 2000 years
Weight to 1.6 million pounds
Bark to 12 inches thick
branches to 5 feet in diameter
Base to 22 feet in diameter

Giant Sequoia:
Height to 311 feet
Age to 3200 years
Weight to 2.7 million pounds
branches to 8 feet in diameter
Base to 40 feet in diameter

The General Sherman is the world’s largest tree. It weighs 1385 tons and is 275 feet tall. The circumference of the base is 103 feet. It is estimated to be 2200 years old.

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