by Dr. Gregory Bartha

July 12, 2017

Lexi, a graduate of Oklahoma City University School of Nursing, recently volunteered for six weeks at the Cross Clinic. She had been to Uganda six years ago when she was on a mission trip with Midland Bible Church. Pastor Simon Peter was her translator at that time. She loved the country and the people and dreamed of returning to do some volunteer work.

The opportunity came in the spring of 2017. Lexi immediately immersed herself in the work of the clinic. She was particularly interested in labor and delivery and developed a close relationship with the two midwives at the clinic. She has assisted with many deliveries and performed several on her own. As a testimony to her good care of the birthing mothers, three of them named their daughters after her. She later visited each of their homes and gave them gifts of baby clothes and infant supplies. The mother of the first born Lexi was a Moslem but decided to convert to Christianity after she witnessed Lexi’s love and kindness.

Lexi purchased two bulls for Lexi Number One’s parents, so that they could hire them out for plowing and generate income for the family. She hopes to do the same for the other two families at some point in the future.

Lexi made great friends with the children in the neighborhood – playing games with them and singing with them. They really love her and ran to greet her when she returned from work. This visit really strengthened her love for Uganda. Lexi hopes to return many times in the future to work with the people, but she must first start her nursing work in the US. Not surprisingly, she wants to spend most of her time in the labor and delivery area.

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