Karl Heusner

by Dr. Gregory Bartha

November 29, 2015


Dr. Karl Heusner was born in Belize on September 6, 1872, the son of German immigrants. He studied medicine at Tulane and the University of Pennsylvania and began practicing in Belize in 1897.  He was an expert in tropical medicine and also respected “bush”, or traditional medicine. He added his own remedy – jackass bitters – to most of his prescriptions, which were filled in glass bottles.

After working all morning in his clinic during December of 1960, Dr. Heusner reported chest pain and died shortly thereafter at age 88. The day of his funeral, flags were flown at half mast. In 1995, the new Belize City Hospital was named after him as a tribute to his lengthy career in medicine and dedication to the people of Belize. His descendants hope that all medical practitioners will be inspired by his skill and compassion.

Additional information on Dr. Heusner can be found on this web page.

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