by Dr. Gregory Bartha

October 27, 2015


Geoffrey was raised and schooled in a Ugandan village. He helped pay for his secondary school fees by working as a porter on road construction projects. His foreman was impressed with his work ethic and enrolled him in a course on theory and management of road construction. The foreman encouraged him to follow his dream of becoming a doctor. Geoffrey enrolled in a clinical affairs training school. He worked on road construction during school vacations and breaks and was able to pay his tuition. Shortly after his graduation, he was talking with several of his fellow students about where to find clinical positions for work. They attended a prayer service at the school, then went into a school office. The phone rang and Geoffrey decided to answer it. Dr. Patrick, owner of a hospital in Kanginima, was calling. He offered Geoffrey and two of his schoolmates jobs as clinical officers in his hospital. Geoffrey worked there seven years and at the end of that time, he took one year of advanced pediatric training in Nairobi. He returned to work at the Kanginima hospital for three more years. He then worked for an AIDS support organization.

During his years at Kanginima, Geoffrey met and assisted members of the Craig Daniels team which comes to Uganda on a yearly basis to provide surgical services. They were very impressed with Geoffrey’s dedication and good work. They encouraged him to enroll in a regular medical school and have supported him during his training period. He will graduate in 2017 and hopes to do three more years of advanced pediatrics study.

He participates in a Christian organization that provides medical outreach services to underserved areas. Each of their clinics includes a spiritual clinic.  The staff prays for patients and shares the Gospel with them.  Geoffrey is also enrolled in a rigorous Bible study program. I met him when he was assisting a medical outreach clinic held by the First Presbyterian Uganda Mission Team. He recently joined the Cross Emergency Medical Clinic team on an outreach to the Karamoja people. I was impressed by his kind and gentle manner and his great faith. He is a pleasure to work with and I will follow his career with great interest.

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