Golf! It’s a game of skill, precision, patience and mental focus. But most do not think about the muscle strengthening aspect of the game. I am blessed to have grown up in Throckmorton, Texas where the game of golf seems to be a way of life for many. My parents never played, but in junior high, my best friends did play and so I picked up the sport. I was fortunate enough to play on two high school state golf teams, and I have always enjoyed the game. I love golf because it is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. In high school sports, most are in training for track, tennis or other off-season sports, so the strengthening aspect of golf seems to be rolled into the training program as a whole. Unless you continue to play after high school, it is not until you are an adult and out of organized daily sports, that you start to feel your weaknesses in the game. And so after the first couple of rounds you play following sitting out a while, you realize pretty quickly that you are out of “golf shape”!

Through the years, I have worked with several athletes and also older patients trying to help them get back into their game of golf following injuries. There have been shoulder surgeries, hip fractures, wrist fractures and so on that have needed rehab attention. And along side of rehab to the injured body part, a focus on core muscle strengthening was usually included. My golf game went by the wayside with babies and jobs and life in general, but recently I dusted off my clubs and headed out to the course. I am very blessed to be accompanied most of the time by my husband, Tim. I have had to steal some time from his bass fishing, but none the less, he is a great golf partner! We have found out on our own, however, that we are not in the best golf shape, and to be better players, our weaknesses needed to be addressed in our workout program. Luckily, these exercises I have put together will enhance his casting and reeling abilities too, so maybe we will reap the rewards from his future fishing tournaments!

I have included our golf conditioning program here so if you choose, you may also use these exercises to enhance your playing ability. Remember, always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. Do this program 3 days a week and incorporate 2-3 days of cardio and endurance training of your choice. You should be back in tip top golf shape in no time!
Happy Golfing!

-Terri Flowers

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